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Our Journey

Melissa Bering (pictured left) and Skyeler McNeil (pictured right)


When the two of us met in 2019, we recognized our shared passion for health and fitness and knew we would be a powerful force together in whatever we chose to do because of our positive energy and commitment to personal and professional development. 


Since this time, we have spent a significant amount of time and energy researching the best ways to bring our passion to the market.  We recognized that through the ownership of a Nutrition Club, we are able to provide service to Customers and Clients in a variety of ways such as the creation of healthy teas, meal replacement shakes and other nutrient dense foods (and goodies!), nutritional coaching and personalized fitness plans.

We are avid fitness competitors, certified personal trainers, business partners and most of all excited to meet you, whether you are a regular or new Customer to Crave.  We look forward to connecting with you!

- Melissa, Skyeler and Your Local Crave Team

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Share your own healthy living journey with us! 

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Keep in mind that our healthy restaurants full of smoothies, protein coffee, hydration drinks, energizing teas, healthy snacks, and meal prep options are all specifically designed with you in mind to further optimize your nutrition, weight loss, or immune health goals.


Stop searching for "smoothies near me," and come by to speak with a wellness coach and learn more about how we can help you reach your nutrition goals! 

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